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Many Networking Professionals are coming out of retirement to be part of the NEW Health and Nutrition Company, VASAYO–that features proprietary products with disruptive technology, and is now in prelaunch in the USA and Canada. Dallin and Karree Larsen have already founded two incredible companies including MonaVie, which was taken to the Billion Dollar mark. Under Latsen’s leadership, MonaVie was also recognized as the number one fastest growing company in the Inc. 500 Food & Beverage category in only its fifth year of existence. Dallin and Karree Larsen are known for creating a dynamic culture for their distributors that truly rewards and honors them for their efforts.

Our History

Vasayo will launch with five core products that will generate renewed health and life-changing income for thousands upon thousands of people who share this opportunity due to the disruptive technology of our nano-tech delivery method that utilizes advanced liposome technology to deliever the highest-quality nutrition directly into your blood stream.

No other company has this – and we have the world-wide rights to market this proprietary technology to deliver the right nutrients with the right delivery to show an increased bioavailability. You can bet this company is going to smash all of the records out there.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform lives physically, financially, and socially through superior delivery of products, opportunity, and community.

The Larsens believes a Brand Partner deserves to be rewarded with life-changing income and can never be rewarded with too much income.

“We intend to reward the new Brand Partners, better than ever before in direct selling. Every decision we make, will put the interests of our Brand Partners first and foremost, so that they will want VASAYO to be their permanent home,” said Dallin.


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